Epic Collapse 2013?

As sure as the changing of the seasons, here we are once again in July debating whether the Pittsburgh Pirates can hold onto what has been a successful season.  Let’s take a look at the history.  It’s 2011 – around July – and the Pirates are surging.  For the first time in forever, they’re actually “buyers” at the trade deadline.  Then they fall about.  Explanations range from the hysterical (a blown umpiring decision in a 19-inning game vs. Atlanta,) to the plausible…..the team didn’t have much depth.

But…..2012 would be different, right?  Not so much.  The team held on a little longer this team, thanks to an out-of-this-world season by Andrew McCutchen.  Again, explanations range from crazy (it was the Brad Lincoln trade that did it!) to again the predictable, more accurate – THE TEAM HAD NO DEPTH.

Now we’re in 2013 and expectations are out of this world.  I admit to falling victim to this.  Some talked of this Oakland series as a possible World Series match-up.  I hope that is possible but I’d never predict it.  A couple weeks ago I asked the question on our Facebook page, what do the Pirates need to do at the trade deadline.  I think, that now, it’s obvious that they need to go after some bench players.  The team needs to pad its depth, therefore addressing the problem over the last few years.  Pitching isn’t the problem….the pitching staff is getting it done.  The team just isn’t scoring enough runs to even overcome a 2 run deficit.  So, for what it is worth, find some good position players that can come off the bench and put some balls in play.  We’ll see what happens.  Plus, for the record, I don’t think the team is collapsing.