A Weather Change at Last??!

Random Thoughts:

* Someone should figure out how many consecutive days it has rained here in Indiana County.  I think we’re looking at a string of days with raindrops dating back to the last week of June, but I’m not sure.  Regardless, it looks like our luck is finally changing and monsoon season might be over.  The strong storms that moved through last night may have finally knocked down the humidity.  Today’s high, with sunny skies in the afternoon, is forecast to be 77 degrees.  I’ll take that.

* I missed most of the Pirates game last night because, well, it was past my bed time.  Good work by the team last night, breaking their losing streak.  Let’s hope it continues.  As I mentioned before, this team is not going to collapse.  There might be bumps in the road but I think they’ll be okay.  Some wanted to team to keep its current lineup and not make any moves at the trade deadline.  I bet those people have changed their minds.  Definite upgrades are needed.  I’m headed to PNC Park on Sunday….they better win.


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