Independence Day Redux

There was no post yesterday due to the Independence Day holiday.  I worked a little in the early morning and then spent the day with family.

On the air yesterday I shared some great speeches from the history of the United States.  I read the “Gettysburg Address,” quoted Ronald Reagan’s speech after the Challenger disaster and recited an excerpt from President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, just to name a few.  I also played patriotic bumper music, including one of my favorites, Ray Charles’ version of “America the Beautiful.”

A little personal opinion that I will keep short:  There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the greatest nation in the world, perhaps ever.  America gets blamed for a wide variety of actions across the world and often, they’re false accusations.  But when something goes wrong in the world, who gets the call?  We do.  This nation has done more good for the global community, spending around $50 billion in foreign aid, often heading to countries that aren’t friendly with us.  It is not, and has not been perfect, but I’m glad this is my country.  In this country, we can disagree with authority without fear of oppression.  We can worship freely and here are words engrained in my mind after years of education in journalism:  “freedom of the press shall not be infringed.”  No, there’s no doubt in my mind, this is the world’s greatest nation.


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