Hi my name is Nick Ruffner and I’m a tech addict.

Last night we lost power at our house.  That was around 7:30 p.m.  We we had heard would be a short outage stretched through the night and into this morning.  Years ago, the biggest worry during a power outage would be whether it would be out long enough to spoil food in freezers and refrigerators.  My biggest fear?  Whether I’d be able to get up on time in the morning.  Why?  Because my cell phone was nearly dead.  Losing power for more than an hour or so isn’t fun.  It’s less fun with two kids who don’t understand why they’re sitting in candlelight.  Naturally, as a citizen of the 21st century, my thoughts went to items that relied on cell phone service and not wi-fi.  Of course, that’s when I realized the cell phone was dead.  That meant no e-mail until the power returned.  What is a tech addict to do?

It’s unbelievable how much we rely on technology.  Landlines have been replaced by cell phones.  Analog wall clocks have been replaced by digital clocks on microwaves, ovens and cable boxes.  Books replaced by e-readers and iPads.  Yet, when the power goes out, all that convenience becomes an hindrance: who knows what time it is when there isn’t a clock on the wall (ok, that’s a stretch, but is it, really?)

So before going to bed, I set the clock on my nearly dead cell phone and the old-school alarm clock on the nightstand.  I woke up to the sound of that alarm clock.  My cell phone?  Dead.  In the end, it’s the technology perfected in the 1800s that saved me.


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