Storms and Sports

The view from Ninth is a rainy one this morning but not a windy one, and maybe more important, a flooded one.  We seem to have missed out on the worst of the severe weather, although I got to witness a real lightening show on the way into work this morning.  Taking a quick walk outside just before 6 a.m., I noticed there was a bit of a breeze but we luckily missed out on the derecho, the straight line winds predicted in these storms.  It’s been too rainy this week, time for some sun.

Some sports thoughts this morning.  Ray Shero made the RIGHT decision to extend the contract of Dan Bylsma yesterday.  Bylsma is a great coach and his regular season coaching record proves that.  This year was flukey.  The Bruins were hot in the Eastern Conference Final, we’ll see how they do against the Blackhawks.  Also glad to see Shero stand behind Marc-Andre Fleury.  I found the digital mob that formed around Fleury a little disturbing.  He wasn’t the first nor the last goaltender to have a couple bad games.  I expect him to be back at top form next year.

And….the Pirates won again.  Raise it!


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