Remember Game Two????

So, I wanted to take a little time to think over last night and this morning’s fantastic hockey game and its not so fantastic result.  What a great game with end to end action between two well matched hockey teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins.  The Penguins hit quite a few posts between the third period and the two overtimes but the Bruins got the job done (once again.)

Now imagine that the Penguins aren’t down 3-0 in the series but instead down 2-1.  Doesn’t sound so bad.  It might be reality if they had decided to show up for Game 2.  That game was over as soon as Sidney Crosby’s pass was intercepted by Brad Marchand.  By the second period, the atmosphere inside the Consol Energy Center was hostile and many fans were just sticking around for the third period 50/50 drawing.  The Penguins are talented and I think their talent is hurting them, trying for too many pretty passes, not crashing the net, etc.  Had the real Penguins team shown up Monday, they might have won, but instead we’re talking about a very steep hill to climb moving forward.  Oh, and Jaromir Jagr still looks very good, wonder what could have been had he signed with the Pens as rumored two years ago.


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